The Art Of Picture Framing

by | Mar 14, 2018 | Picture Frame Shop

Have you ever had an interesting photograph that you just had to frame? Many Australians take pride in their families, so they tend to take a lot of photos to remind them of past accomplishments. With the digital age, most people take pictures on their smartphone and save them on their computer’s hard drive. However, there may be a particular photo that you want to have hanging on your wall or you may have a variety of painted/sculpted pictures that you want to hang. Picture framing isn’t a dying art form, but many people still believe they can go to a local department store, buy a stock frame, and be done with it.

Picture framing isn’t just about sliding a photo between glass and cardboard. It can actually help your artwork or photo look better. Quality presentation focuses on enhancing the art, even if it’s just a photo of your grandchild making a goal or your daughter going to her first formal dance. Along with such, the frame should protect the photo or artwork. Many times, stock frames aren’t well-made, which means moisture and sunlight can still penetrate the glass and between the cracks.

At Amarisco Framing & Mounting, they understand that your memories are precious. Even if they aren’t worth millions, you still want to protect them so that you can be reminded of each treasured moment of your life. They offer many services, including canvas stretching, frames for photos, artwork and jerseys, mounting, and much more. Plus, they include quick turnarounds, so you’re sure to get back your treasure sooner than later. While they cater to museums and other industries, they are also available to help individuals who want to protect their memories. Picture framing can protect your photo or artwork for many years to come.

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