The Under-Appreciated Photoshoot Places in Miami

The Under-Appreciated Photoshoot Places in Miami

Are you looking for the perfect location for a photoshoot in Miami? The perfect photoshoot place in Miami depends on what you want to accomplish with your images.

There are a lot of places that list the top 10 photoshoot places in Miami. These are typically the ones you see posted on Instagram such as Maurice Gibb Memorial Park, Ocean Drive, Venetian Causeway, and assorted beaches. But what about the lesser known ones?

Fruit and Spice Park is one of Miami’s little-known botanical gardens. The park is 37 acres with rows of fruits, vegetables, spices, and herbs.

Crandon Park Gardens is an abandoned zoo that has grown into a luscious botanical garden.

Rougue’s Courtyard is an escape back in time. Located on North Beach, it is the perfect spot for French inspired photos. Stay for lunch or dinner and enjoy the flavors of Morocco. The courtyard is a hidden gem with aged bricks, Moroccan designs, and colorful bougainvillea.

The Venetian pool was created from a rock quarry and has a lovely backdrop of palms and lush greenery. There are plenty of loggias, porticos, palm trees, and a beautiful, unique bridge.

Another photoshoot place in Miami is the ancient Spanish Cistercian Monastery. Constructed in the 12th century, it is one of the oldest buildings in the Western Hemisphere.

If you are the type that loves architecture, then the Paul L. Cejas School of Architecture Building is the place to go for a photoshoot. It has beautiful tile work in yellows, oranges, and reds with a communal space to promote discussions and interactions. This is a cannot miss for architecture lovers.

There are so places to photoshoot in Miami. The hard part will be coming up with the theme for your shoot. Do you want water, sunset, architecture, lush greenery, waves, beaches, cityscape, or farm? The options in Miami are unlimited. Just bring your camera, point and shoot.