Affordable Military Housing in San Diego-Affordability is Key

by | Aug 2, 2016 | business services

Affordable military housing in San Diego can be a real challenge to find. Serving the military should be an honor but frankly many of the apartment complexes and even some of the private owners look at military families as cash cows and they really take advantage of their dire need for housing. Affordable, safe, clean housing should not be something that you have to seek out, it should be readily available.

There is one place that offers a very easy commute to both Coronado Island and the 32nd Street Naval Base that takes your need for affordable housing seriously.

What is Affordable?

If you are lower enlisted or have not been in service for a while, this may even be your first time living on your own; you may not even be sure what you should consider as affordable.  You can use the BAH calculator to get an idea of what the military thinks you should be spending on your of base housing.  For example, an E5 with dependents is given $2307 for BAH in San Diego.  Of course that does not mean you should have to shell it all out. Affordable can mean:

  • All-inclusive lease payment (no out of pocket utility costs)
  • Resort like setting with pool and other amenities so you have built in entertainment
  • Short and long term leasing options

The more that is included with a lease the less you have to pay out of pocket. A good option is a place that includes utilities and that comes furnished so you do not have to even worry about that heavy duty investment for a while.  If you can snag a place that has a pool and other amenities, that is even better.
Find Affordable military housing in San Diego

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