5 Things to Do to Draw People to Your Trade Show Booth

by | Jan 23, 2019 | business services

If you’re checking out trade show booth rental options, here are a few things you can do so people won’t just pass by your booth.

Be there early

Setting up the booth will take time. You’ll want to be at the location early so you can start setting up and get everything ready for when people start coming in, the Inc. says. If you’re late and you need to do everything in a rush, you’re much more likely to make mistakes which can cost you.

Do your homework

Make sure you research your options. Find out what companies offer excellent trade show booth rental options. Don’t put in an order for a rental until you ask the right questions and go over all of your options. Conducting the right research can help you avoid choosing the wrong display providers.

Do interviews

To get the right display, you need to work with an excellent exhibit builder, one that takes the time and effort to understand your business and your goals during the trade show and take all that into account when they build your display. You can get a better sense of that when you start interviewing prospects.

Clarify everything

Don’t assume everything is covered by the general quote. Ask about the services that are covered. It doesn’t hurt to be specific. That way, if any of the services you need aren’t included in the quote, you can negotiate with the firm or find a way to adjust your costs. This is always a great way for you to stay on top of your expenses for the booth and trade show.

Check the display

Don’t forget to check if the information on the displays is correct and accurate. Errors in your company’s name can turn into a PR disaster.

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