5 Things to Know Before You Go to a Smog Station

by | Apr 3, 2018 | Business

If you’re new in town, you’ll need to undergo an initial inspection to register. That rule applies to you as a new resident, even if you hold a current certificate from your previous state, the DMV says. Here are a few other things you’ll need to know about smog inspections in California.

What is the biennial smog certification program?

The program says all vehicles that qualify must undertake a smog check every 2 years. You’ll want to check your registration renewal reminder to find out when your next smog inspection is happening.

Are you exempted?

If your car falls into any of the exemption categories, then you can forego the test. Owners of gasoline-powered cars that weigh over 14,000 pounds, diesel-powered cars of model 1997 and older or that have a gross weight rating of beyond 14,000 pounds won’t have to worry about the test anymore. Those who drive electric vehicles and motorcycles are exempted as well.

Do you own a new car?

A new car often has fewer emissions. If yours is about 6 years old or less, then you won’t have to get that test every 2 years. You can pay a smog abatement fee for the first 6 years of your registration. Once that’s done, though, you’ll need to start looking for a Smog Station in Vacaville.

How to complete the check?

Bring your car to a certified station. You can choose from test only stations and test and repair stations. Be sure to bring your driver’s license, proof of insurance, car title and registration with you. Don’t know how much the fees will run? Fees will depend on your location. The best way to know is to call ahead and ask about fee and schedule details.

Where to go?

Find a trusted Smog Station in Vacaville. Consider the company’s background, staff credentials, customer service and reviews before you pick a station.

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