4 Types of Norman Outdoor Advertising to Boost Brand Recognition

Thanks to modern technology there are plenty of creative and effective ways for businesses to advertise and improve brand recognition. While a lot of money is spent on social media advertising, Norman outdoor advertising is still an effective way for companies to get their messages across and attract more business. Below are four types of outdoor advertising options that companies continue to use with much success.

Billboard Advertising

This is a tried-and-true advertising method used in major cities and sleepy suburban towns. While most people think of roadside billboards, there are two other kinds of billboard advertising methods that companies use. These methods include mobile billboard advertising on the backs of vehicles and digital billboard advertising outside of businesses or alongside highways.

Vinyl Banners

Companies enjoy the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of vinyl banners. This form of outdoor advertising can be used outside of one’s business and custom-made to match brand colors and create one-of-a-kind messaging. Vinyl banners are constructed from tough materials and weather-resistant.

Feather Flags

Businesses use feather flags to promote their businesses to drivers. Depending on the kind of feather flag chosen, businesses can have their name and logo on one side and a CTA on the other. Feather flags are popular outdoor advertising products, but can also be easily moved indoors during events or for any other reason.

Vehicle Advertising

Car wraps are another popular advertising option for businesses. Businesses gain more exposure and attract a lot of attention.

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