3 Steps You Can Take to Increase Security Around Your Chicago Business

If you own a small business, you can contact commercial security system companies in your area to help you set up electronic security systems. In addition to installing motion sensors, cameras, and other devices, there are additional steps you should take in protecting your business. Here are a few ideas to help you get started.

Hire a Security Guard

It can be helpful to have an individual to patrol your business’ property. Their presence will deter criminals from committing acts of theft and vandalism on your property. Additionally, they can work in tandem with your electronic surveillance equipment to respond to security threats quickly. You can also use a security guard to help you watch for safety hazards, allowing you to address those problems before they result in injuries.

Look For Points of Entry

You should tour the exterior of your property to look for ways that a criminal could gain illegal entry to your business. For example, you should remove bulky or high shrubs that block windows in the building. A criminal could use the bush to hide as they break the window. Look for other points of entry that should be protected or sealed.

Create a Closing Plan

Your employees should be trained in using a plan for closing your business each night. The plan should include engaging the monitoring equipment you received from commercial security system companies as well as shutting down machines and equipment in the facility. In addition to securing the building, your plan should include eliminating any fire and safety hazards that might be present.

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