3 Reasons Why Dial Up Internet Service Hasn’t Died Yet

by | Jan 6, 2017 | Biz Trade News

Soaring high few decades ago, dial up internet service has had a cut-throat competition. The surprising fact though is, no matter how effective the wireless connectivity has become, it hasn’t killed the dial up internet services.

Do you think there will be astounding revelations pertaining to dial-ups survival? On the contrary, it is the simple things that take the lead.

Accessibility in under developed regions

The accessibility to the rural and under developed areas is one of the reasons behind the survival of dial up internet service in times of broadband services used at massive scale. Since there is a lot for the broadband services to do when it comes to extending fiber-optic cables to the lesser developed regions, dial up internet service has been a constant for connectivity.

It isn’t expensive

While you pay for bundle offers offered by broadband services involving voice, data, etc., the dial up internet service is one of the simple yet cost effective options for many. The fact that dial up internet service is an inexpensive option has enabled it to thrive in today’s time.

It is a convenient option

Dial up internet service is hassle free when it comes to the lengthy configuration processes common to wireless setup. Also, the dial up internet service doesn’t require any special software or hardware for it to run; all that is required is the telephone connection, thus making it a convenient option. Also, it is easily manageable since you can easily pick up your connection wherever there is a telephone jack available, making it portable without any additional equipment to be purchased.

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