3 Methods to Increase The Lifespan of Your Digital Signage

There’s no denying the high-impact effect of an outdoor LED video wall on your advertising campaign, stadium design, or your building’s prominence amidst an urban sea of concrete. Once you’ve smartly chosen to install an outdoor LED display and programmed it to show the aptest footage and enticing images, what’s next? Digital Signage Today reminds us that digital signage like outdoor LED video walls are just as vulnerable to everyday wear and tear as any other technologies.

What are the best ways, then, to maintain your outdoor LED video wall and keep bright your beacon of success?

1. All right, so the first step to proper maintenance technically occurs before installation. By considering the elements which might cause damage to your digital signage (think heat, dust, and the materials used during installation), proper efforts can be made to minimize these effects by considering placement of the display. Avoiding areas full of direct sunlight, for example, is an ideal strategy.

2. Ensure stability to the power supply and adequate grounding protection to shield your LED screen from particularly harsh conditions like lightning. In some stormy situations, it may be best to power down the screen entirely—use your best judgment and keep the safety of your LED video wall in mind.

3. By thoroughly cleaning the display on a regular basis, you can increase the lifespan of your outdoor LED video wall by reducing the accumulation of dust, grime, and other damaging materials that will settle on the screen. Additionally, regular cleaning ensures that the screen’s visibility remains at its best.

For each day that you increase the lifespan of your digital signage, the more profitable returns that you will appreciate. By caring for your digital displays the same way you would care for your television screen or other electronics, you’ll be sure to implement a digital signage solution that will keep on impressing.