3 Benefits of Substance Abuse Billing Software at Your Treatment Facility

Substance abuse treatment centers face complicated billing processes every day due to the difficulties of confusion in insurance and receivables. Automation is necessary to handle these confusing processes without having to complete financial documentation by hand. That is why you should consider a substance abuse billing software for your treatment facility.

Levels of Care

The automation of a substance abuse software for billing can assist you in any level of care that your clients may receive. It will cover hospitalization, inpatient care, and even outpatient care. It will complete the billing from the moment of intake to the moment of discharge, covering every level of care.

Positive Experiences

Software for your substance abuse treatment can also benefit your clients and make them feel as if they have had a more positive experience. It can assist you in scheduling appointments, you can have your clients view their own medical records, and they can make payments through the software.


Your substance abuse treatment facility will most likely be rated through outcomes measurement. In order to keep a record of your outcomes, you can use your software. You will have records of all patient care as well as all billing that took place with each piece of patient care.

Consider AZZLY

Get in contact with AZZLY in order to receive the substance abuse billing software that you need for your treatment facility. They can provide you with what you need to make billing easier, increase productivity, and make the correct outcomes you need.