Will Medicare Cover Home Medical Equipments & Supplies?

A big concern for individuals with insurance plans is whether their federal health insurance coverage extends to home medical equipment & supplies. In many instances, the answer is yes. Let’s find out what’s covered and what isn’t under Medicare.

How Medical Supply Coverage Works

For Medicare or other insurance companies to cover home equipment & supplies, they have to be considered medically vital. Insurers define this differently, but one thing is consistent: the need for a diagnosis. A healthcare professional has to ascertain whether the supplies are necessary for a patient’s treatment. With proof, insurance will provide coverage for essential medical supplies.

What Is Covered?

Under the category of durable medical equipment & supplies, things like orthotics, prosthetics (eyes, arms, and legs), and certain medical supplies are covered. Medicare Part B provides coverage for prosthetics replacing all or part of a bodily organ.


Not every medical supply or equipment qualifies for Medicare. It won’t cover the following products or supplies:

  • Mobility equipment to help you outside your home, like motorized scooters.
  • Bathtubs, toilet seats, grab bars, and any equipment that makes life comfortable.
  • Disposable medical items that are not connected with durable medical equipment.
  • Equipment not suitable for home use, like oscillating beds.
  • Ramps, widened doors, and other home modifications to allow wheelchair access.

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