Three Reasons to Use Express Packaging for Your Business Needs

by | Jul 23, 2021 | Corrugated Box Manufacturer

Packaging is an art that requires strategy and efficiency. Smart businesses have practical ways of getting their products to the consumer by ensuring the packaging can withstand handling by the courier. Customers typically will find fault with the packaging and not the quality of the delivery if the items are damaged. Good packaging saves money by lessening the number of damaged goods and improves the customer’s experience. Regular slotted containers are the most common because of their versatility. It is designed so that each flap has the same length and will align in the middle.

Here are three reasons to use Express Packaging to purchase regular slotted containers:

  1. Competitive Pricing

Express Packaging provides competitively priced corrugated boxes to its business partners. The team has a proven record of helping its customers save money without sacrificing quality.

  1. Promotes Environmental Responsibility

Saving the environment and protecting planet Earth is an important part of Express Packaging’s business model. The company recycles over 98% of box material waste and uses sustainable recycled materials.

  1. Stellar Customer Service

Each customer is treated with the utmost respect and given attention to their specific needs. The professionals at Express Packaging genuinely appreciate their business partners and strive to build a continuous working relationship with each of them.

Build your brand with custom printed corrugated boxes, protect your merchandise, fulfill all of your packaging needs, and help save the environment by using the expert services provided by Express Packaging. Call today or visit to get started.

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