How to Make with a Good Sermon When It Seems Like You Have Spiritual Block

Every writer gets writer’s block. Apparently, every preacher gets stuck on what to preach once in a while too. If you need a little helping hand, a little inspiration, etc., there’s a website with sermon illustrations that can give you a needed push. These sermon illustrations can work for you in several ways.

Inspire You to Create a Great Sermon

Sometimes an artistic visual aid can help people move beyond what is blocking their creative juices. It’s akin to seeing something amazing in nature and realizing something really inspired by God. These illustrations can have that effect.

Use Them as a Visual Aid for Your “Flock”

You could be the best preacher in the world, and you would still have that one or two in the church who are obviously bored and not paying attention to the sermon. Using these illustrations you can get these stragglers in your “flock” to pay attention to what they see ahead while you preach. Change the illustrations to flow with your sermon and these followers are often glued in place because they want to be, not because they feel as though they have to be.

Get Inspired to Create Some of Your Own Illustrations for Your Sermons

Divine inspiration is of God. If the illustrations can inspire or motivate you to create images of your own for your own sermons, then you might just discover your own artistic stream and steam. Your parishioners may find that they really like this new method of preaching. Maybe more of them will like your sermons and listen intently.