When You Need Sod for your Lawn and you Live in San Jacinto, California

You are a homeowner in Temecula near San Jacinto, California and the yard in front of your home looks bare and lacking in grass. You need help. You like a full and lush field of grass as people walk up to your door.

You admit to knowing absolutely nothing about sod or grass. You have never even cut your grass. It has always been a lawn service on which you have relied. The guy who cuts your grass in the back of the house has recommended that you get sod laid down in front to recreate the look of lush grass that you want.

You have no idea what sod is and how it will help you achieve your goal of a pretty front yard. You do a little research online and find out that sod is grown on a local sod farm. You want your sod grown to be a perfect match with the climate and weather where you live. The sod you want should be a perfect blend of the best grasses that will look good year-round.

The sod should be weather resistant and able to tolerate drought. The sod you will have delivered will be in 5-inch square pieces. You want to pay wholesale prices for the squares, even though are only buying the relatively small amount that you need for your front lawn.

Because you love your dogs and don’t want them exposed to anything that will be harmful to their health, you want the sod to be pet-friendly sod in Temecula, CA. For pet-friendly sod in Temecula, CA, please reach out to the great folks at Quality Turf.