What To Look For In Environmental Spill Kits

Australian legislation mandates ownership of spill kits in many different industries. Any company who deals in or even briefly possesses dangerous chemicals should invest in some type of spill kit. These kits will protect you and your staff from any harm a spill may cause and can keep your worksites safe and free from damage. Some business owners may be unsure of what to look for in environmental spill kits, so here are some qualities to keep in mind.

#1: Portability

Depending on the size of your worksite, and the location of a potential spill, you may want to keep the spill kit in more easily accessible location. If you need to transport the kit from one location to another, portability will be an important quality. The designated safety officer on your site needs to be able to get the kit to the needed location with ease, so be sure that you have selected something lightweight as well.

#2: Contents

Not all spills can be cleaned up using the same materials. Think about the chemicals and other hazardous materials you may have on site before buying any environmental spill kit. If you purchase your kit from a reputable retailer, you should be able to speak with a sales representative about your individual needs. In some cases, vendors can prepare a custom kit. Ask about personal safety equipment along with the cleaning materials. If these items are not included with the kit, make arrangements to purchase them individually. The specific nature of the equipment needed will depend on the substance you may need to clean. Generally speaking; however, you will need gloves, safety glasses, and a protective mask.

#3: Frequency Of Use

When you are buying your kit, think about how often it may be used. In some cases, it might be wise to purchase two kits. Multiple kits for the same location gives you time to clean the materials included or to dispose of them and have them replaced.
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